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Anh Ngữ Major – Hãy Học Tiếng Anh Theo Cách Của Bạn


Hãy cùng thư giãn với Major English Center bạn nhé


1) What flowers have two lips? (Tulips)

2) They travel all over the world but end up in the corner, what are they? (Stamps)

3) Which months have 28 days? (All 12 months!)

4) What do you call your father-in-law’s only child’s mother-in-law? (Mom!)

5) If you drop a yellow hat into the red sea, what does it become? (Wet!)

6) Who is closer to you, your mom or your dad? (Mom is closer because dad is “farther”.)

7) What is the poorest bank in the world? (The river bank)

8) What month do soldiers hate? (March)

9) What clothing is always sad? (Blue jeans)

10) Why is an empty purse always the same? (There is no change in it.) 

11) What has four wheels and flies? (A garbage truck)

12) Why are dogs afraid to sunbathe? (They don’t want to be hot-dogs.)

13) Why shouldn’t you lose your temper? (No one else wants it.)

14) What stays hot even if put in a refrigerator? (Pepper)

15) What two words contain thousands of letters? (Post office)

16) What do you get if you cross stereo and fridge? (Very cool music) 

To see keys, hightlight some space at the end of each riddle.


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